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Dependable pest controllers throughout Cornwall, Plymouth.

If you are looking for cost-effective pest management, your search ends here. Vermalogic are pest control experts with many years of experience in  all areas of vermin and pest control.
We operate 24 emergency call-out service, click here to get in touch straight away!

Pest and vermin control

A black rat
Do you have a rat problem at your premises? Our team of experienced professionals will get rid of them promptly, with minimal fuss.

We can address vermin issues in both domestic and commercial premises. Take a look at our pest and vermin control services.

Insects and infestations

Insect infestations can be particularly tricky; our specialists have years of experience in tackling almost every type of insect.

Take a look at our insects and infestations services, or call for a free quotation.

Wasp and bee control

A wasps' nest
Our friendly, reliable pest control expert will take care of beehives and wasps nests in a safe manner, with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Discover more about our wasp and bee control services, then call us today.

Bird control

A bird guard on a chimney pot
Pigeons, seagulls, and other birds can cause hygiene issues, as well as unpleasant noise pollution.

Vermalogic will rid your property of any bird infestations, in addition to taking preventative measures to prevent them from reoccurring.
Phone: 07835 023 098

Chimney sweeping

A man beside a stone fireplace, sweeping a chimney
We deliver prompt and efficient chimney sweeping solutions for all kinds of chimneys.

Our specialists clean your chimney to keep it functioning at optimum capacity, improving air quality throughout your property.

24 hour pest control

A Vermalogic van
If you are facing a pest problem at your home or office, you can get in touch with us immediately.

We offer a 24 hour pest control service, so as soon as you discover an infestation, you can count on us to get things back to normal for you.
For reliable pest control throughout Truro, Plymouth, and surrounding areas, call Vermalogic on
07835 023 098
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